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Excel File Import

The ability to import an excel file to build selected areas of your POS data has been developed and the ability to import more types of data will be expanded upon in time. To import data, please start by downloading one of the template files below.

If a required column is missing from the excel, this will be noted on the page after import

If an error with data occurs, it will be marked in RED - the file will not be able to be processed until all errors are corrected in the excel file

If an item is valid, it will be marked BLUE for updating existing item or PINK for new item creation

Using the templates

The amount of information to import can be quite complex and so we have created two sample files that you can use to customize what information you want to import in to the system. We would recommend you download both files and have a look at both of them to get an understanding as to the data that can be imported. The bare minimum file should be used as your base and you can add extra columns as shown in the full file to create your own customized import file containing only the information you want.

For example, if you are importing a stock file and only need to create a product with price levels 1, 3 and 5; then you do not need to include the other price level columns.

If you add a column that is not valid or contains invalid information, then the validation system should alert you to the issue after you have uploaded the file.


You can now import a stock file to create multiple products easily.

This file will by default only interact with the stock master information unless additional options are selected (discussed later).

You can download one of the templates below to start creating your import file


Stock Branches

As the stock system allows for multiple branches, some of the product data is held in a seperate location individualised for each branch. This is even true for companies that only have one branch. This means when we import data, we may need to be updating inforamtion into two seperate locations.

We have the ability to update both sets of data at the same time by selecting/ticking relevant check boxes as they appear when applicable information has been detected in the uploaded file. Depending upon your companies setup and configuration, these checkboxes may be ticked by default so you will not need to do anything by default; if you only want to update the stock master information, you can untick the boxes as required and vice versa, if by default the boxes are not ticked, you can tick them to update all branch related information.

Updating branch information will apply to ALL branches; there is no way to select which branch to apply a change to, so it is all branches or no branches.

Once a valid file has been uploaded, we can see that the system has detected Price 1, Price 2 and Kitchen columns in the data and as such, as provided us the ability to update our branch settings if we want to tick the appropriate boxes.


Minimal Information:

Complete Information:

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