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Stock Take

This following tutorial is about how to complete a Stock Take on Cloudhq. You can do this weekly, monthly or whatever time frame suits you.

To begin with click on the menu button in the top left hand corner of you screen, followed by “Stock” and then “Stock Taking”. This will take you to the screen where you can perform the stock take.


  1. Select the Branch and Type(Supplier or Department) you wish to run a stock take on.
  2. Then click on “Import Sales Status”. This will ask “Do you want to stop Importing Sales?” Please press YES as you cannot have this running when completing a Stock Take. This will change “Running” to “Stopped” and will change it to a red background.
  3. Then select the Suppliers or Departments you would like to appear in your Stock Take checklist i.e. White Wine, Tavern Wines.
  4. Click on the green “Generate Count Sheet” button in the bottom left hand corner. This will produce your Count Sheet/Stock Take list.

The PDF Count Sheet will pop up in the left hand corner of your screen for you to open:

This is what the Count Sheet looks like, you can then print the sheet out to complete your manual stock take.

Enter the total number of stock items you have in each Qty column for all products, then click on the Blue “Discrepancy” button.

The PDF Discrepancy will pop up in the left hand corner of your screen for you to open:

This is what the Discrepancy sheet looks like. This is generated to check the quantities you entered are correct. As you can see I have entered the wrong QTY of Stock for Sav Blanc & Muesli. It should of been 6 NOT 16 as my stock at the beginning of the month was 15, so my usage is 9 on both.

If you are happy with your Stock Count, press the yellow button “Update Stock”. It will display a message that says “Update everything means: set value to 0 when value is left blank for all items in count sheet”, selecting “Update everything” means just that. It will update every item in your stock take list with the stock count entered be that zero or a quantity. Selecting “Only values entered” means it will only update where you have entered a value. If you don't enter a Value next to an item it will not assume the stock count you want for that item is zero.

This is what your Final Stock Take report will look like:

Restart sales processing

Now click back onto “Import Sales Status”. It will ask “Do you wish to start Importing Sales” please press YES. It will turn back to green and “Running” as seen below:

Interrupted Stock Take Resolution

If you are doing a Stock Take over more than one day our system will remember what you have already entered and display this sign:

This gives CloudHQ the ability to remember what progress you have completed already allowing you the opportunity to leave the stock take and return to it later.

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