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Uniform Shop

Select Menu button, Back Office and Uniform Shop. This will take you to the Parent Detail screen.

If this parent has not sold any items in the Uniform Shop previously you will need to set them up as a new parent. If you are setting them up as a new parent their “Code” number will be automatically selected. Make sure you have their correct Payment details including their Bank BSB and Account number.

Otherwise you can look up their name in the Parent Name field, this will have all their information saved.If you need to Add or Update any of the parent information you can do so and then press the yellow button “Add/Update Parent Information”. In this example l have updated the email address.

Item Detail Area

Enter the number of items the parent has to sell and press “Add Items” green button. A different field will be created for each Item No. Fill in all the fields/descriptions and press the “Save” button.

Item no. 1

Item no. 2

Once saved a label pdf file will be created and appear in the bottom left hand corner of your screen or in your download folder. Where this file appears is dependant on the version of Windows you are running.

Click on the pdf label to open it, you can then select print and print the label off to attach it to the clothing item for sale.

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