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 ===== Deleting Products in Prestashop ===== ===== Deleting Products in Prestashop =====
-First of all, you will need to be on the products page in Prestashop and this is accessed by clicking on Catalog then Products.+To prevent products from displaying in Prestashop, you use the STOP function ​in the Cloud.
-There are two methods to delete a product from Prestashop:+This will stop the product from displaying but will continue to send updates through to Prestashop.
-1. To delete an individual ​product you can click on the three dots next to the '​edit'​ pencil displayed on the right of each product ​and click on Delete Product. +To stop sending updates for a product ​to Prestashop, ​you will need to use the Exclude from Prestashop function however you cannot use both STOP and Exclude at the same time (as exclude has a higher preference ​and so the STOP modification would not be sent) so the proper ​method is to put the product ​on STOP, run and export ​and then set the Exclude setting.
-2. The other method is if you want to delete multiple products and this is done by clicking in the box to the left of the product ​name to select the desired items and then on the top of the page click on Bulk Actions followed by Delete Selection.+
-To ensure that a product ​is deleted you will also need to stop these products from being exported from the Cloud.+To reverse this to display products with their updates, it is ok to disable both of these functions at the same time before running an export.
-This is performed also by one of two methods depending on the products ​being removed ​from Prestashop+You can of course delete ​products from Prestashop ​however this is two-step process - you can delete ​the product ​in Prestashop ​and then you MUST also delete them from the CloudFailure ​to delete them from the Cloud will cause errors during ​future exports.
- +
-1. For single product ​the best method is to access this product ​on the Cloud product page and click on the Branch Pricing tab followed by Stop on the Prestashop branch line. +
-2. The other option is if you are wanting to remove a whole department or even a whole group from the Prestashop, this is accessed by the departments or groups pages respectivelyChoose the desired department/​group from the drop down list to view its information. At the bottom of the list is an Include in Prestashop box, to stop this department/​group ​from being exported simply untick this box and click Update. +
- +
-Once this has been completed, ​the future exports ​to Prestashop will be prevented from sending any information about the deleted products.+
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